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First Impressions: Why Update?

To most people, the impact of first impressions should come as no surprise, and this is all the more true online. Many people will not even attempt to navigate a badly constructed or amateur looking website; with the ease of a single click they'd rather go elsewhere to a site and business that better serves their purposes.

The impression your website gives could not be more important than when prospective customers are researching to whom they will give their business. If your website's appearance is unprofessional or aged, it gives the impression that you and your practices are equally poor. If your content hasn't been updated since the site was built, and it no longer accurately reflects you, it not only fails to accomplish its goals but it also gives the impression that you are not dedicated to your business.

Benefits of Renovation

It is clear that having an up-to-date website with a professional appearance is important and improves customer opinion, while failing to do so may cause your business to be dismissed. Fortunately, even an antiquated website is a step in the right direction, and can be a good starting place from which to build a new site. It makes complete sense to recycle the effective elements of a site--by only fixing the parts that actually need repair, you will save time, effort, and money.

Some sites are well written, but the look and feel need reworking. It's completely possible that an existing site may have wealths of good written content and images which could be re-used in a site with a new design. Sometimes a new look is all a site needs, and Lieberman Web Design can bring you back into the future.

Some sites may be attractive and functional, but were built without a method to be easily updated. Even the best looking sites don't serve their purpose if the content isn't meaningful and current. All of Lieberman Web Design's websites are built using the Joomla! CMS, making it easy to update content to project a timely message as your needs change. If your site looks polished, but the writing and pictures are no longer relevant, it's possible to re-build the site in Joomla! while keeping your current design.

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