Practical Knowledge

The Basics

All of Lieberman Web Design's sites come with free Joomla! training, so you can effortlessly update your site. Some topics covered in this free training include:

  • Creating new Articles, Sections, and Categories
  • Writing and formatting content, and inserting images and links
  • Adding new Menus and Menu Items
  • Placing and editing of Modules
  • Installing Plug-ins and Extensions

By the end of this simple training, you will be fully capable of updating and maintaining your new Joomla! site.

Go Deeper

As a separate service from the included Joomla! training, learn to build and modify sites from scratch with Joomla! and CSS:

My experience of web design has been that very few necessary tasks are truly difficult or require extensive trained ability, but that certain base skills and knowledge can make all the difference. Knowing where to look for help, and how to search for resources is essential. Having a sense of how a series of text based files filled with code work together to form a visual web experience is crucial. Using particular tools to access and edit websites is invaluable.

There are many tutorials that can be accessed online, but I've found that they either skip the basics and confuse you with unnecessary technical jargon or are too simple and don't include enough of a big picture to be practical. There are surely classes and training that one can enroll in, but they can be expensive and are unnecessarily time consuming as they attempt to teach you hoards of specific knowledge where a broader approach might be more useful.

My goal is to avoid the pitfalls that large classes and free tutorials encounter, by instead focusing on:

  • Knowledge & Resources: In equal parts, I will teach you specific code to accomplish particular frequently encountered tasks, and how to look up specific code to accomplish other tasks that you may encounter. It can certainly be useful to memorize certain common functions (and through experience this will happen naturally), but doing so is by no means essential, and in many cases merely knowing how to find the information is as good as having memorized it.
  • Framework & Process: Simply knowing how to write code is not enough (e.g. learning that "font-weight: bold;" makes text bold is meaningless without knowing where that piece of code is inserted). I will teach you the process from start to finish: deciding what to change on a site, finding and downloading the files that need changing, actually writing the code itself, how to upload the modified files, and viewing the changes.
  • Tools & Programs: Particular programs and methods of work are more effective and make building websites easy. You will learn about the roles of FTP clients, plain text editors, browser addons, and image editors, and how they fit together to make website creation a simple and fun process.


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