The Reason

The Internet is the first place many people turn to for information. You can set your business apart from the competition by enabling potential customers to find out about you online. There are many benefits to having a website...


The Roadblock

The inherent benefits, cost savings and potential for profit in having a web site are clear. However, building and hosting a web site on your own can be a baffling and time-consuming process.

The Results

Lieberman Web Design will save you from long hours learning coding languages, deciphering web hosting plans and laboring over the creation of web-appropriate design and implementation. I do it all for you.

Welcome to LWD

Lieberman Web Design specializes in providing functional and unique websites for individuals, businesses, and organizations. Built with the powerful Joomla CMS (Content Managment System) at its foundation, your website will be easily usable--not just for your customers to find information, but also for yourself to update and manage.

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